Embed SWF in your Blogger Blogspot

Embed SWF in your Blogger Blogspot is very easy :1. Upload your swf file2. Write down your swf URL (example. www.nabilgembil.com/coba.swf) in your post/page3. Write this code (replace URL with your swf URL)< embed type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=”URL” pluginspage=” http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer” height=”101″ width=”400″>4. set your swf movie WIDTH and HEIGHT5. Publish Sample below :

Equation Online

Let’s see… Microsoft Equation 3.0 (Word), print the screen, paste, crop, and save in paint. Then upload it on blogger…feew .. a long and windy road.. to serve that equation online Well, next links could be a better choice…. Equation online generator.. : 1. CodeCogs 2.Thornahawk —————————————————————————– Just Write the equation , copy the HTML code, paste it in your post(edit HTML).. Then your equation served in .gif , like…

Live Traffic Blog – Fedjit

Want to Know when your friends and clients visit your Blog. This widget by Feedjit it very useful. Just open  : Feedjit , Follow Click Choose your feedjit (free) then Install your widget on Blogger. You can also view your detail visitor . Example from my Japan Commercial Blog, live traffic :

Need a “Read more..”..?

Thank to rahmat web for this… Your post is too long? Maybe this post is useful .. In Blogger : Click Design Tab : Click EDIT HTML (always backup your original) Click Expand Widget Template Copy/type and Paste this code before </head> <style><b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”‘>span.hidenpost {display:inline;}div.hidenpost {display:inline;}<b:else/>span.hidenpost {display:none;}div.hidenpost {display:none;}</b:if></style>5. Copy/type and Paste this code after <data:post.body/> <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType != “item”‘><a expr:href=’data:post.url’> Read More.. <data:blog.pageTitle/></a></b:if> 6. Save it7. When you…

Add Translate Tool For Blog

Language problem? Don’t worry …There are many translation tool for your blog, today i gonna give an example translator tool by google.1. Open an URL http://translate.google.com/translate_tools 2. Follow step by step until step 4 is copying the code in itIn Blogger1. Open/Click DESIGN tab2. Click Ad Gadget3. Click HTML/JAVASCRIPT4. Paste the code5. Click Save6. Click View Blog Screenshoot :beforeafter (in German) 😀 Thanks. CU Next session..

Youtube on Blog

Now it’s time to embed your favorite video from youtube to your blog post:In youtube :1. Open your fave video2. Click Embed button (below your video)3. Copy the code (after finish setting your video size)In Blogger4. Click Posting (new post) ~type your description about this video5. Click Edit HTML6. Paste the code7. Click Publish Post8. Click View your blog Like this : Nice JC commercials….CU next session..

Facebook Profile Badge for Blog Gadget

Today i want to share my facebook profile badge on my blog :In Your Facebook1. Open Profile tab2. Click Create a profile badge (left side at bottom)3. Click Edit this badge4. Choose your display ( name, status etc)5. Click save6. Click Blogger logoIn Blogger (login first /if you’re not login your Blogger yet) 7. Click Add Widget8. Click Save, then view blogLike you see in my blog (that is my…