Equation Online

Let’s see… Microsoft Equation 3.0 (Word), print the screen, paste, crop, and save in paint. Then upload it on blogger…feew .. a long and windy road.. to serve that equation online Well, next links could be a better choice…. Equation online generator.. : 1. CodeCogs 2.Thornahawk —————————————————————————– Just Write the equation , copy the HTML code, paste it in your post(edit HTML).. Then your equation served in .gif , like…

Live Traffic Blog – Fedjit

Want to Know when your friends and clients visit your Blog. This widget by Feedjit it very useful. Just open  : Feedjit , Follow Click Choose your feedjit (free) then Install your widget on Blogger. You can also view your detail visitor . Example from my Japan Commercial Blog, live traffic :

Need a “Read more..”..?

Thank to rahmat web for this… Your post is too long? Maybe this post is useful .. In Blogger : Click Design Tab : Click EDIT HTML (always backup your original) Click Expand Widget Template Copy/type and Paste this code before </head> <style><b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”‘>span.hidenpost {display:inline;}div.hidenpost {display:inline;}<b:else/>span.hidenpost {display:none;}div.hidenpost {display:none;}</b:if></style>5. Copy/type and Paste this code after <data:post.body/> <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType != “item”‘><a expr:href=’data:post.url’> Read More.. <data:blog.pageTitle/></a></b:if> 6. Save it7. When you…

Add Translate Tool For Blog

Language problem? Don’t worry …There are many translation tool for your blog, today i gonna give an example translator tool by google.1. Open an URL http://translate.google.com/translate_tools 2. Follow step by step until step 4 is copying the code in itIn Blogger1. Open/Click DESIGN tab2. Click Ad Gadget3. Click HTML/JAVASCRIPT4. Paste the code5. Click Save6. Click View Blog Screenshoot :beforeafter (in German) 😀 Thanks. CU Next session..

Youtube on Blog

Now it’s time to embed your favorite video from youtube to your blog post:In youtube :1. Open your fave video2. Click Embed button (below your video)3. Copy the code (after finish setting your video size)In Blogger4. Click Posting (new post) ~type your description about this video5. Click Edit HTML6. Paste the code7. Click Publish Post8. Click View your blog Like this : Nice JC commercials….CU next session..

Facebook Profile Badge for Blog Gadget

Today i want to share my facebook profile badge on my blog :In Your Facebook1. Open Profile tab2. Click Create a profile badge (left side at bottom)3. Click Edit this badge4. Choose your display ( name, status etc)5. Click save6. Click Blogger logoIn Blogger (login first /if you’re not login your Blogger yet) 7. Click Add Widget8. Click Save, then view blogLike you see in my blog (that is my…

What time is it?

Today i will teach you to make a animated clock for your gadget widget1. Open clocklink website at http://www.clocklink.com/ or just click that link2. Click a category ( i choose sports) 3. Click One of it, then Click View HTML CODE4. Click Accept5. Setting Color and TimeZone6. Copy the code ..in Blogger7. Open your blog DESIGN8. Click Add Gadget9. Click HTML/Javascript10. Paste the code11. Save it, then view your blogThen…

Welcome to my blog !!


Hello my Name is Febrian !! I’m a lecturer and majoring in computers from Dept. of  informatics Faculty of Technic in PGRI University Semarang. Content of this blog are learning materials about IT, computing and everything about it . Feel free to study and download a variety of materials related to the computing courses from this blog but if you re-upload it, don’t forget to give me a credit or…